Animation-ish Quick Start Guide




Whiteboard Animation

Principles of Animations

12 Principles


One Point Perspective

Horizon Line

2-D Animation


We will be discussing:

  1. History of Animation
  2. Types of Animation
    • Traditional
    • Stop Motion
    • Computer Generated
  3. Animation Vocabulary
  4. Uses of Animation


Create thaumatropes

Create paper flipbook & turn into movie

  1. Use template (6 frames) to create flipbook
    • Draw first and last frame (use pencil)
    • Draw middle frame
    • Check animation
    • Create inbetween frames
    • Check for smooth transitions
    • Once you are satisfied, trace with dark pen and color
  2. Scan each frame and save as a colored .jpg
  3. Open each image into Photoshop and clean up.
  4. Create animation using Movie Maker.
    • Movie Maker Tutorial
    • Check your animation to see if you need to make adjustments
    • If you need to make adjustments do so
    • When done export as a movie for windows movie maker
  5. Make sure it works in windows movie maker
  6. Upload to your online portfolio Weebly

Create paper flipbook from images provided to your & turn into movie

You can select from Bouncing Ball or Walking Sequence.

Bouncing Ball

  1. Download the Bouncing Ball Images. You will need to unzip it. Add them to movie maker and produce a animated film with music.
  2. Read the Bouncing Ball PDF or Link as you work on your animation film. Study the images as you read the article.

Walking Sequence

Walking Sequence or Link

Create 2D animation using Animation-ish.

  1. Go to the Animation-ish Website for more information.
  2. Complete following lessons: